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I am the mystic wise woman.

I am slower but not necessarily softer.

I am your head, heart, and solar plexus. I can help you speak.

What would I say?

Whatever is in your heart at any moment.

I am an expanded You; feeling and being aware of all that is, on lots of levels. Wise enough to know what matters and what doesn’t. Wise enough to regulate the flow, as well be carried by it.

I honor the love/s in your life. The hugeness of the feeling of love. The length and depths.

Do you have a gift for me?

I give you the gift of tears….of visible, shareable tears. The soft smile of vulnerability. The joy of being vulnerable without being broken.

Do you have anything else for me?


Stillness and sexual stirring.

Show me how to be wise with my sexuality.

You already are. Respect for yourself has arrived.

(Then the dragonflies kissed…..)

I can feel Her, the mystic wise woman. She is deep in my heart. She warms my chest and I wear her cloak.

kissingdragonflies_barbara harmer