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I desire you

Breathing into surrender

Put your hand on the back of my neck

I can feel you through your shirt

Soft skin

A lingering of fingertips as our hands slowly separate

A long exhale that turns to an involuntary sigh

Anticipation of a kiss

When does fantasy end and reality start?

If I melt into my dream body will it bring the moment closer?

More anticipation……

I feel like I could adventure with you in multiple universes. Travel, communication, sharing of self and calling out each others better selves. Revealing our assumptions and darkness with humor and lightness, ease and love. I feel like there is room to move and a place to be still together.

I imagine you without a shirt. My fingers tracing your back.

I loved the way you flopped onto the lounge in the corner of the bar that first night.

I already want to call you ‘sweetie’ and have to stop myself as it comes out of my mouth. Technically I’m sure it’s too soon. (Yeah, I know… ‘sweetie’… I’m not usually one for child-like endearments.)

I want to be physically at ease with you. I am already so mentally comfortable that to not touch you and be familiar seems incongruous.

Can I stand behind you in the kitchen while you cook and just lean on you?

I’ve only actually met you once. That feels impossible.

Yes, you’re right. There’s something going on.

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