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moustache girl b&w

Photograph me with a fish, a floral dress and a distant melancholic look. Wearing a newly bought old- school hat or eyeballing a swan.

I am from nowhere and have been everywhere. In polka dots or feathers or sometimes sequins. Perhaps a plain t-shirt. An introspective craftsman who uses words like ‘quirk’ and ‘ennui’. (I confess I looked it up… )

Everything is haunting and maudlin, promising old stories told in new ways, oozing sustainability without saying so. From through the white fringe curtain you pass me the Champion Ruby and the whiskey.

I am rhythm, I am soul. I am a shady veranda and a cool drink on a sticky summer day. Hurray for the riff raff, the rolling wheel and one-hundred and one trios and quartets.

Fiddle me fantastic. Suspender me into mock-turtle seriousness. Photograph me in black and white. We are all living through the colours of our unique but same existence.