This life is all about exploration of the physical, spiritual and soul self and yet again I find myself diving down another rabbit hole, yelling yippee with my heart beating wildly and frantically in my mouth.

Striving for self-knowledge, knowing all the time that there is nothing to strive for and I. Am. Beingness.

I am skeptical of all tools and dogma and rituals designed to set you ‘free’ …..if it does not ring true for me I will not follow it. I take what seems useful to help me get closer to my authentic self. This is just a construct anyway. There is no spoon, use the force, insert any rumi quote here….. I am serious in taking nothing seriously….

I adore hedonism of the conscious kind. Meaningful. Joyful. Blissful. We can merge into the mind-blowingly cosmic. What a gift. What a dance. Gratitude all around!

I am a field of consciousness – I am everything, I am everywhere, I am nothing at all. I am full of shit, full of love, overflowing with radiance, over flowery with language. I make it up every breath of the way.

I yearn for the truth and to meet others who are living in theirs. Love what IS, what you are….come home.

One of my greatest joys is dancing with complete chaotic abandon. And sitting in stillness.

There is always cheese.

Welcome to my blog. ♥